Elena Lymbery

Energy, Crystal & Sound Healing with the Archetypal Cards Reading.

I am Passionate about Creating a Community of Healthy & Happy People. I provide the following services:

  • Energy, Crystal & Sound Healing One on One Sessions
  • Health & Meditation Groups
  • Sound Healing Groups

Elena was born in Russia. She holds a Masters Degree in Biology from St. Petersburg University. She later worked in the Russian Academy of Science at the Lake Research Institute. After moving to Australia, Elena completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Environmental Quality from Griffith University, Queensland. 

She then became interested in metaphysics and how we can create our own reality and shape the world around us. For over 20 years Elena has been studiying and practicing different natural healing modalities.

Elena is highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. She loves to use her abilities to assist and empower others by raising their vibration and awareness, to create the life that they choose.

Kinesiology Certificate IV from Australian College of Natural Medicine, Reiki: Traditional Usui, Sekhem and Karuna; Pranic Healing, NLP, Australian Bush Flower & Light Frequency Essences, Shamanic studies, Tibetan Crystal Bowls, Sound & Crystal Healing, Chanting, Sacred Geometry and Light Language.

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